Occupational health and safety

Our company pays great attention to occupational safety and health protection. This field forms an integral part of the business activities at Lovochemie a.s. It is focused on maintaining and permanently enhancing safety standards in all areas operated not only by the company employees, but also by contractors. The company has elaborated a system of safety controls. The purpose of these controls is to identify potential accidents (so-called near accidents and risk situations) and thus to prevent actual accidents.

The company has set up a motivation system to reward observers who perform such controls. Any determined near accidents and risk situations are evaluated on a regular basis, any deficiencies found are analyzed, and measures for their removal are adopted.

Occupational safety and health protection is the prime point of meetings, and it is at the forefront of interest of the company’s management. An integrated management system (IMS) has been established in the company, which includes an occupational safety management system based on the programme “Safe Enterprise“ announced by the State Labour Inspection Office (SÚIP).  Its purpose is to increase the occupational safety level at enterprises, support an efficient system of entrepreneurial management of occupational safety and health protection, and support enterprises in the fulfilment of demands imposed by EU directives and the resulting Czech legislation.

Lovochemie a.s., which joined the programme in 2002, won this prestigious award with the right to use the SAFE ENTERPRISE indication, giving evidence that the company has been interested in the occupational safety and health protection of its employees on a long-term basis and with success.