Work safety

Serious accident prevention and fire protection

Serious accident prevention

Accident prevention or emergency planning, respectively, has a long tradition at Lovochemie, a.s. A number of measures have been elaborated for critical – emergency situations to ensure the protection of employees, property, and the environment.

Pursuant to the implementation of Act No. 59/2006 Coll. on the prevention of serious accidents, a risk assessment was undertaken which identified and documented potential sources of risks and hazards. Object classification in an appropriate hazard group (B) was performed based on this assessment.

This strategy is fulfilled through active application of the system to prevent serious accidents, which forms part of the integrated management system or IMS; the fundamental purpose of this system is to ensure the systemic, preventive and responsible behaviour of every employee of Lovochemie, a.s. in all undertaken activities. Currently, our company is in the process of preparing several projects to enhance the safety of employees and technological facilities, for example, related to liquid ammonia storage and handling, as this is one of the most high-risk substances in terms of potential consequences for employees, contractors, and the surroundings of the premises.

Fire protection

Fire protection at Lovochemie a.s. is ensured by a professionally qualified person and by our own professional fire rescue service, which ensures essential conditions for fire safety and conditions for the efficient protection of lives, health and property against fires as determined by Act No. 133/1985 Coll. on fire protection, and Decree No. 246/2001 Coll. on setting the terms of fire safety and state fire supervision (Decree on Fire Prevention), by consistently requiring the fulfilment of all requirements of the legislative regulations above, and of all other legal and normative requirements related to fire protection, respectively. The requirements of fire protection are at the forefront of interest of the company’s management together with OSHP.