The company pays special attention to environmental protection

Gradual reduction of emissions into all environmental elements, creating safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and prevention of environmental pollution are the priority objectives of the company.

The proof of the company´s approach to these fields is successfully established EMS Management system which was certified in 2004 according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 standard.

This system is audited on the regular basis and thereby the company proves that the environmental protection system is in accordance with applicable legislation and the company permanently reduces potential impacts of its activities and prioritizes the prevention of environmental pollution.

Another important initiative is the program „Product Stewardship“, which was implemented according to the rules of the European fertilizer manufacturers association Fertilizers Europe. The company regularly defends the autorization to use the logo Responsible Care - responsible enterprise in chemistry and the title „Safe Enterprise“.

In accordance with the requirement of „continuous improvement“of the management systems, about 54,8% of the total investment costs were spent for environmental protection, increasing safety - including fire safety and health protection at work. Preventive measures were implemented to reduce wastewater pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as well as to reduce raw materials and energy consumption and to increase process security of the operational technologies.