Product Stewardship

Quality is defined by the set of properties of the product covered by a guarantee provided by the supplier to their customer. Nowadays, besides the price of the product, it is precisely the quality which is decisive for the success of any business and the competitiveness of its products on the market. The customer expects a precise response from their supplier to their needs. In order to satisfy customer needs as best as possible, Lovochemie, a.s. has built a quality management system, which undergoes permanent enhancement and development.  The honesty of all employees of Lovochemie, a.s. is the foundation of the guarantee for the quality of our products, as well as their personal engagement in this management system.

Since 2003, Lovochemie, a.s. has been a member of the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association – Fertilizers Europe (formerly EFMA). Active participation in the Product Stewardship project is one of the duties following from membership in this organization. The main motto of the project is the effort to establish proper conditions to ensure that fertilizers and the raw materials for their production, admixtures and semi-finished products, are processed, transported, stored, distributed and used safely, taking into account health protection, occupational safety, the safety of the population, and environmental protection.

The "Product Stewardship" project sums up in a comprehensive form not only the requirements of applicable legislation, but also instructions and guidelines related to the safe production, transport and storage of fertilizers, while preserving the utility properties of the products. This project is also intertwined with other established systems – the quality management system (QMS), environmental management system (EMS), and the system of occupational safety and health protection (OSHP) and serious accident prevention (SAP), while suitably completing these systems.