Nitrogen fertilizersLiquid fertilizers

LOVODAM 30 is used for basic fertilization before sowing or planting, for additional fertilization during the vegetative period, and to accelerate the decomposition of straw plowed into the soil. The fertilizer can be applied using sprayers and fertilizer irrigation, and also using aerial spraying as appropriate. It can be used undiluted for basic nitrogen fertilization of all crops, most commonly during preparation of the soil for sowing. For additional fertilization of crops during the vegetative period, it is used either as a concentrate (cereals, oilseed rape, grass covers) or diluted (for most other crops). It also finds good application in the system of minimum soil processing for intermediate crops. LOVODAM 30 should not be used immediately before sowing seeds sensitive to higher ammonia nitrogen concentrations (clovers, beets, etc.). The application of permitted LOVODAM 30 combinations with chemical plant protection products provides an economic benefit. Appropriate regulations for the protection of bees should be respected in use.