IMS policy

Lovochemie, a.s. is the largest producer of mineral fertilizers in the Czech Republic

Lovochemie, a.s. is the largest producer of mineral fertilizers in the Czech Republic. The company applies, maintains and permanently improves its integrated management system, which includes systems of: quality, environmental management, occupational safety, serious accident prevention, product stewardship, good commercial practice, and management of railway wagon maintenance.

In all its activities, Lovochemie, a.s. perceives and immediately and efficiently responds to the requirements of all five stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Shareholders
  • State and public administration authorities
  • Citizens and the public

In order to be a good and reliable partner with respect to the stakeholders above, the management of Lovochemie, a.s. undertakes to apply the principles below:

  • Fulfil the requirements of legal regulations and all commitments which the company has voluntarily adopted, and respond to their changes with flexibility.
  • Fulfil the requirements of its customers to the maximum extent possible when selling its products.
  •  Increase the quality, reliability and competitiveness of its products. Use feedback from its customers for this purpose.
  • Provide customers and the public on a continuous basis with appropriate information about its products, their safe use, transport, storage, environmentally safe application and their risks.
  • When choosing suppliers of materials, goods and services, cooperate only with those suppliers who are demonstrably able to fulfil the requirements of Lovochemie, a.s.
  • Influence its suppliers and request them to observe applicable legal regulations and contractual requirements provided by Lovochemie, a.s., concerning adherence to quality, safety, accident prevention, health and environmental protection.
  • Reduce the impacts of its activities on all components of the environment.
  • Contribute to the protection of natural resources by reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials per production unit.
  • Determine suitable criteria and methods needed for efficient operation and management of its processes in the quickly changing business environment.  Based on permanent monitoring, measurement and evaluation of all its processes, increase the efficiency of such processes. Distribute its financial and human resources in such a way as to achieve the planned goals of the company.
  • Based on the results of its business activities, determine IMS goals as part of its business plan, and regularly revise whether these goals are achieved.
  • Within the framework of permanent improvement of the occupational safety and health protection system and of the serious accident prevention system, identify and analyse risks that threaten the lives and health of persons, risks of accidents in technical facilities, and risks for the environment in existing, planned, and newly built technologies. Exclude and reduce these risks through suitable measures based on the outputs of such analyses.
  • Promote a preventive approach in the field of occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection. Consistently apply the requirements for safety as an integral part of the behaviour of all persons present in the company’s premises.
  • Openly communicate with all five stakeholders. Provide them with necessary information about potential hazards, environmental aspects and their impacts. Provide them with information about possible ways of protection against these.
  • Keep increasing the knowledge of requirements of the integrated management system among its own employees and employees of external companies working in the company’s premises, and the knowledge of their personal responsibilities. Systematically verify and develop this knowledge and abilities.

All employees of Lovochemie, a.s. and persons working based on their authorization are responsible for fulfilling the commitments of the integrated management system policy.