History of Lovochemie, a.s.

The beginning of fertilizer production can be considered as dating back to 1904 when Adolf Schram, an entrepreneur, built a factory here to produce sulphuric acid and superphosphate.

After World War II, a new plant was built producing sulphuric acid, and construction of the first block for nitric acid and ammonium nitrate with lime was finished several years later. The chemical processing plant called Továrna na strojená hnojiva (Artificial Fertilizers Plant), large for the times, was thus built. The national enterprise Severočeské chemické závody (SCHZ; North Bohemian Chemical Plants) was created upon the merger with Česká továrna na umělé hedvábí (Czech Artificial Silk Plant) in 1958.


  • 1904    Adolf Schram initiated the production of sulphuric acid and superphosphate
  • 1923     Czech Artificial Silk Plant was established
  • 1951     Artificial Fertilizers Plant
  • 1954     Production of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate with lime was started
  • 1958     North Bohemian Chemical Plants (SCHZ)
  • 1959     Production of carboxymethyl cellulose was started
  • 1960     Production of viscose cord silk was started
  • 1964     Operation of a new superphosphate manufacturing plant began
  • 1967     Production of the combined fertilizer NPK-1 and calcium nitrate was started
  • 1969     Part of the production and economic unit Chemopetrol
  • 1978     Production of the liquid fertilizer DAM 390 was started
  • 1991     Operation of a new manufacturing plant for ammonium nitrate with lime began
  • 1993     Lovochemie, joint-stock company was created
  • 1996    Privatization of the joint-stock company was completed with Proferta, s.r.o. as the majority owner
  • 1997    Member of AGROFERT and UNIPETROL groups
  • 2001    Construction of a new production unit for nitric acid was initiated
  • 2002    The entire area of Lovochemie, a.s. was hit by a disastrous flood
  • 2003    Operation of the new production plant KD 6 began
  • 2004    Celebration of the 100th anniversary of mineral fertilizers production in Lovosice
  • 2005    Reconstruction of ammonia tapping line
  • 2007    A new spherical ammonia storage tank was finished
  • 2008    DEZA, a.s. became the sole shareholder
  • 2010    AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s. became the sole shareholder