Today, the most important task of mineral fertilizers is to face two challenges

Today, the most important task of mineral fertilizers is to face two challenges, to satiate the growing population of the world, and to limit the consequences of climate change. Mineral fertilizers in the background of the current "green" agricultural revolution are estimated to contribute by more than one-half to food production and protein supply worldwide.

The European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association believes that the European agricultural policy should focus on improving the performance of the agricultural sector with respect to its productivity and efficiency. This approach will enable European farmers to increase their self-sufficiency, contribute to global food needs, while at the same time leading to sustainable agricultural production. Permanently sustainable intensification of European agriculture through efficient use of mineral fertilizers can help to make sure that the agricultural sector complies with the principal goals of the EU policy.

Nitrogen fertilizers with quickly available nitrogen offer farmers and agronomists precise and responsible procedures leading to an increase in the production of food and energy, moreover in an environmentally acceptable manner. Nitrogen fertilizers with quickly available nitrogen, based on nitrate and ammonia, combine the advantages of the two simplest forms of mobile nitrogen, which are readily received by plants.


Towards smart agriculture...

Towards smart agriculture

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